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How did your extensive Disney experience prepare you for your role as an independent consultant?

My Disney experience spans a variety of roles and areas including corporate, hospitality, marketing, retail, and the cruise industry. This expertise creates the foundation of my company, and having been schooled in the renowned Disney philosophy, is timeless and priceless. Based on my clients’ successes, I would say it is working!

Are there basic traits that allow you to provide the very best to your clients?

Absolutely! It is all about Guest Service. What I learned while at Disney transcends all industries. It also sets-up my relationship with you, my client, to reach new standards that you should come to expect.

How do you personalize the service and not make it a generic experience?

By getting to know what truly motivates my individual clients, and what the big picture vision is for my corporate clients. I offer a 30-minute ‘no-cost’ initial consultation, where we will determine the best path for you, and strategically determine the service and design it to your unique needs.


How do you stay up to date and relevant in today's dynamic marketplace?

I participate in several human resource and training  organizations, and I learn every day from the interaction with my clients. Being a life-long learner, I pride myself in keeping current, recognizing what is relevant and standard today, may not be tomorrow!

What sets you apart from other speakers and career coaches?

Client-focus and communication. We work as a team through each step of the process to create successes. I will be in constant communication to ensure we are on target. As you will read in my testimonials, my clients know that they are my priority.

My days are full; how flexible are you in meeting my needs?

We will work together to create a schedule to fit your needs. I am available for you!

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